Blue Moon Bakery, or Once in a Blue Moon Bakery, has been in Ashworth Village in Downtown Cary for so many years. We have been serving Downtown Cary for so long that we hear things like ‘you are our favorite bakery’ or ‘I wouldn’t order my Thanksgiving pies from anyone else.’Blue Moon Bakery in Cary NC

As the owner, I am so proud and so honored to hear compliments like these. But, there are so many other things that we can offer that even our customers don’t know about.

4 things you can get at Blue Moon Bakery in Cary that you didn’t know about are:

  1. Ready Made Cakes: We have an extension specialty cake menu which is great to celebrate anything from making it through the workday to a birthday or baby shower. All of our cakes can be ordered online and picked up same day (depending on availability.)
  2. Delicious Lattes and Coffees: We now offer artisan lattes and coffees. Our coffee is locally roasted in Raleigh by Stockton Graham & Co. We feature the their Sumatra Blend and San Remo Espresso Blend.
  3. Not Just a Cake Shop: We are one of the go-to places for pies, sweet breads, and cheesecakes. Our pies are so popular for our customers that we won the Indy Week’s Pie of the Week.
  4. Great Meeting Area: These beverages can be enjoyed in our newly renovated café seating area. That means we are now a great place to come to have your business meetings!
  5. Lunch: With our beautifully renovated café, we wanted meal options for any individual to each all day long. We knew we had great pastries and baked goods for breakfast, but we recently added lunch items. We have a variety of items such as pimento cheese to scrumptious sandwiches.

Did you know about those four things that we offer, or have added, to our bakery and café? We want to invite you to come in this week to experience all of our new options. Check out our location and come in to see us today!