Blue Moon Bakery Menu

Custom Cakes

Sizes Servings Price w/Mousse Specialty
1/4 Sheet (9×12)15-20$48.99$52.99$55.99
1/2 Sheet (12×18)30-40$73.99$87.99$93.99
Full (24×18)60-80$113.99$125.99$135.99
6″ Round (3 Layers)4-6$29.99$33.99$37.99
8″ Round (3 Layers)8-12$41.99$45.99$50.99
10″ Round (3 Layers)16-20$48.99$52..99$55.99

Specialty Cake Flavors: Carrot and Red Velvet

Icings: Vanilla or Chocolate Buttercream, Cream Cheese, Almond Buttercream, Whipped Cream

Mousse Fillings: Chocolate, Chocolate-Raspberry, Hazelnut, Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Pastry Cream, Raspberry, Strawberry, Tiramisu (see above price list)

Liqueur Flavors: Amaretto, Brandy, Chambord, Crème de menthe, Frangelico, Grand Marnier, Kahlua, Kirsch, Rum

Please order 72 hours in advance. A 50% deposit is required on all orders over $100.00.

*Price includes borders, flowers, polka dots, or balloons, and writing.

All artwork cakes will have an additional design charge and may require a deposit. Art deposits are non refundable if order is canceled less than 48 hours.

Specialty Cakes:

  • A Chocolate Encounter – Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, chocolate buttercream and chocolate curls on top.
  • Lunar Eclipse (8″ & 10″ only) – White cake sandwiched between chocolate cake, with chocolate and vanilla buttercream, frosted with vanilla butter cream and topped with chocolate ganache.
  • After Dinner Mint – Chocolate cake, Crème de Menthe liqueur, mint butter cream and chocolate ganache
  • Black Russian – Chocolate cake, Kahlua liqueur, mocha butter cream, and chocolate ganache
  • Boston Cream – Yellow cake, pastry cream mousse, chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache
  • Brandy Alexander – Chocolate cake, chocolate brandy mousse, chocolate butter cream, ganache on top, croquant (crispy sweet rice) on sides.
  • Cappuccino Blast – Chocolate cake, Kahlua liqueur, coffee cream cheese filling, iced with coffee whip cream.
  • Carrot Cake – Our cake is made with carrots, coconut and pineapple, layered and iced with cream cheese frosting
  • Chocoholic – Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache
  • Cosmic Coconut – White cake, apricot jam, coconut mousse, vanilla butter cream, and shredded coconut on the sides.
  • Far Out Frangelico – Chocolate cake, Frangelico liqueur, hazelnut mousse, chocolate butter cream, and ganache.
  • German Chocolate – Chocolate cake, coconut & pecan filling, frosted with chocolate butter cream.
  • Irish Kiss – White cake, Irish cream liqueur, chocolate mousse, Bailey’s cream butter cream.
  • Jupiter Swirl – White cake, strawberry jam and lemon mousse, vanilla butter cream, topped with lemon curd & strawberry jam
  • Lemonstar – Yellow cake, lemon mousse, lemon butter cream
  • Margarita Cake – Yellow cake layers, tequila & key lime juice, lemon mousse, lime butter cream
  • Milky Way (10″ only) – Chocolate cake swirled with cheesecake and chocolate chips, frosted with chocolate butter cream and ganache.
  • Moonshadow(8″ & 10″ only) – One half is chocolate layers with chocolate butter cream and the other half is white cake layers with vanilla butter cream.
  • Neapolitan – White cake, layered with strawberry mousse and chocolate mousse, iced with whipped cream, chocolate curls on top.
  • Orange Dreamsicle – Yellow cake, mandarin orange mousse, iced with orange butter cream, topped with white chocolate curls.
  • Peanut Butter Mousse Cake – Chocolate cake, peanut butter mousse, frosted with chocolate butter cream.
  • Planet Pineapple – White cake layered and iced with pineapple cream cheese frosting
  • Razzmatazz – Chocolate cake, Chambord liqueur, chocolate raspberry mousse, chocolate butter cream, and raspberry butter cream
  • Red Velvet – Red velvet cake, ganache, and cream cheese frosting.
  • Rocket Raspberry – White cake, raspberry mousse, raspberry buttercream
  • Starlight Strawberry – White cake, Amaretto liqueur, strawberry mousse, vanilla butter cream, trimmed in pink strawberry butter cream.
  • Strawberries and Cream – Yellow cake, strawberry mousse, frosted with cream cheese icing.
  • Toasted Almond – Chocolate cake, Amaretto liqueur, almond butter cream, toasted almonds and ganache.
  • Vegan Chocolate – Egg free, dairy free, chocolate cake with chocolate or vanilla vegan icing. Other icing options available upon request.

Dietary Restriction Options:

Vegan Chocolate Cake: Our Vegan Chocolate Cake is made only in chocolate flavor and can be made with a variety of the following icing flavors: vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, espresso, almond, Oreo and peanut butter (check for availability)

Gluten Free Cake: Our Gluten Free cake is made in vanilla flavor only and can be made with any of our mousse fillings or buttercream.

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Cheesecake & Tortes: ask for available flavors
Cupcakes, Cannoli, Cream Puffs, Éclairs, Mini Tarts
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$9.99/Loaf (Custom slicing fee $1.00 per loaf
$3 ea. and up
$3.50 ea. and up (Custom cutting fee $0.25 per bar)
$2.25 ea. and up
$47.99 and up
$1.50 and up
$14.99 and up

*Our products may contain (and are produced on equipment that processes) eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, and other allergens.
**We will not be responsible for damage incurred to a cake once it leaves the bakery.If your cake is damaged after leaving the bakery, we may be able to repair the damage for a nominal fee.